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SMS Labs Services Private Ltd., SMSLA is one of the best Service provider in India, established in 2012 . SMSLA is an international network of laboratories having its presence in Asia and Europe. It is well known for its integrity, infrastructure, and high precision results. We are accredited by the national and international boards which assess the technical competence and proficiency of laboratories in the fields of biochemical, microbial, and chemical testing of food, seafood, and agricultural produces. SMSLA also carries out Environmental Analysis, Social compliance, R&D, method development, nutritional profile, and shelf-life studies.

  • Our major services include Testing, Inspection, Training, and Advisory services in the field of Food, Water, Environment, and Materials with state of the art facilities.
  • We are continuously expanding in our global reach and scientific expertise with scientific personnel and highly qualified staff with specific expertise, be expanding to different countries and in specific fields. With Presence across UK , Gulf and European regions.
  • Our main Service facility at Chennai, with others at Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and Cochin.
  • SMSLA Labs with its Global Centre at Staffordshire, UK believes in providing the best possible service to the Indian market players who want global market integration. SMSLA provides a wide range of services including Testing, Inspection, Training, and other related services like Food packaging material testing for seafood and other sectors.


We are the Trusted Experts

  • From “Farm to Fork”  complete food Services under one roof
  • End-to-end approach for complete Environmental monitoring and safety
  • Testing ,Inspection, online gap audit , online training logistics throughout your supply chain , anywhere in the globe
  • Necessary Government accreditations, Authority recognitions, and approvals for Testing
  • Capability to analyze high-end chemical, microbiological, physical, and instrumental parameters
  • State-of-the-art Laboratory with maximum parameters under the approvals
  • Skilled scientific highly qualified professionals with more than 20-40 years of expertise
  • Short and Prompt turnaround time as required by the industry
  • Competitive commercial pricing&High operational efficiency
  • Benchmarking to global standards
  • Proactive commitment towards quality, safety, environment, and social compliance
  • Specifically approved Food sample collection network all over India
  • Ready to take PAN INDIA level collections and assignments
  • Transparencyand  confidentiality in Operation


Food Testing, Environment Testing, Material Testing, Specialized Studies.
Ensuring food safety and quality is of great significance in today’s global market place.
SMSLA helps people and organisations drive business performance to levels of excellence.
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