Water Testing Services

Water testing processes are vital for various industries like Hotels, Food Business Operators, Steel, cement, power, pharmaceuticals, Food and drugs healthcare, and hospitality. The tests are important for obtaining various kinds of licenses and regulatory compliances. Our drinking water testing lab located at Chennai provides testing services like:

  • CONSTRUCTION WATER TESTING: Water plays a very important part in many construction processes like mortar preparation, cement concrete mixing and curing. Impurities in water can not only lead to metal corrosion but it can also affect the hardness and durability of concrete. Because of the above reasons, it is important to have good quality water during construction.
  • GROUND WATER TESTING: There is a need to protect groundwater from a variety of agricultural and industrial pollutants for protecting the environment and drinking water sources. Scientific analysis can determine if there is any proof of negative environmental impacts. Our water testing services includes groundwater testing which is done keeping in mind national and international standards and guidelines.
  • WASTEWATER TESTING: There are many types of wastewater treatment that we carry out which includes colorimetric, titrimetric, electrometric, trimetric, nephelometric and other demonstrative methods
  • SURFACE WATER TESTING: Surface water is generally found in water bodies like rivers, lakes, ponds, and oceans. Testing of surface water is important because pesticides, fertilizers, sewage, metal contaminants, oil and other pollutants can seep in through various means which can make the water unfit for drinking.
  • DRINKING WATER TESTING: Packaged drinking water is purified, and processed water packed in plastic bottles. According to a study by Bhabha Atomic Research center, packed drinking water was adulterated with carcinogens. According to various studies Packaged drinking water may contain carcinogens. Because of this, the Bureau of Indian Standards has made it mandatory for packaged drinking water manufacturers to obtain the Indian Standards Institute (ISI) mark. SMSLA’s provides drinking water test services of conformity as per ISI standards.
  • INDUSTRIAL WATER TESTING: The quality of industrial water is important for many manufacturing processes like processing, washing, diluting and transportation. According to the Water Resources Group, the demand for wastewater will exceed the current supply by nearly 40%. The quality of water can affect long range operation plans and can also drive-up operational costs.
  • IRRIGATION WATER TESTING: Water testing is important because it helps to determine if there are any salts or contaminants entering into in the soil which can reduce crop yields or in worse cause scenarios even kill them.
  • POOL WATER TESTING: Pool water testing is important for ensuring a safe and comfortable swimming experience and to increase the longevity of pool equipment. In addition, low quality swimming water can also affect the health of swimmers. Our water testing services includes pool water testing
  • WATER FROM PURIFIERS: Purified water is used in pharmaceutical industries for manufacturing processes like washing, cleaning and for non-intravenous product formulations

SMS labs services Pvt Ltd was established in 2012 to provide holistic drink water quality testing service. We are an ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS: 18001:2007 accredited Laboratory company. Our main office is in Chennai, but we also have our offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and Cochin. Internationally, we have our presence in UK, Gulf and Europe.

SMSLA has the capability to analyze the below mentioned water types

  • Drinking water as per IS 10500
  • Water for food processing industry as per IS 4251
  • Packaged Natural Mineral Water as per IS 13428
  • Raw water (Surface / Ground)
  • Processed / Treated water
  • Packaged Drinking Water as per IS 14543
  • Water as per WHO
  • Water as per US EPA
  • Water as per EU regulation
  • Water as per FSSAI
  • Water as per customer specifications

The above-mentioned water types shall be analyzed by SMSLA

  • Pesticide Residues
  • Poly Chlorinated Biphenyl’s
  • Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Residual Organic Solvents
  • Contaminants, Toxins and Residues
  • Acrylamide
  • Antibiotics
  • General Parameters
  • Trace Metal Elements
  • Minerals

Due to our integrity, world-class infrastructure, and high precision, we are known as one of the best testing service providers having a presence in Asia Europe and Gulf.

Our infrastructure consists of the latest modern and high-tech instruments. We are constantly upgrading it to provide high-quality results to both national and international industries.

Our 15,000 sq ft laboratory complex in Chennai which includes a water testing services lab is built amidst three and a half acres of lush greenery.

Our drinking water testing labs have its global center at Staffordshire, UK which believes in providing the best service to Indian market players who want global integration

We are passionate to meet the challenges faced by the industry in quality testing. Our technical experts are there to assist you with any technical needs. If a solution is not there, we will work with you to find one.

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