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SMSLA Global’s material testing lab offers an in-depth assessment of critical mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of products by employing advanced material characterization testing processes. We equip our clients with quantifiable metrics – enabling them to understand the crucial applicable properties of specific materials.

We hold expertise in testing and assessing a multitude of materials that play a significant role in the whole product lifecycle, ranging from development to manufacturing to in-service phases. Being among the most reliable material
testing laboratories in India, we possess an enormous wealth of technical know-how in terms of both executing the tests and appropriately interpreting the test results.

Packaged drinking water contains treated and disinfected water from numerous sources – and it is extremely important to ensure that the water is fit for human consumption. Our material testing labs in India help determine the safety of the material used to package drinking water products found on supermarket shelves. We also help verify that the packaging used to store and deliver drinking water meets the regulatory guidelines and specified quality standards.

Following Are The Testing Services Provided By SMS Labs

  • Complete Mechanical testing for Packaged Drinking Water container
  • Complete Mechanical testing for Packaged Drinking Water Films
  • Complete Mechanical Testing for Packaged Drinking Water Pouches

Mineral Analysis

The mineral analysis offered by our material testing lab in Chennai helps determine the fundamental mineral composition and mineral structure of products.
Mineral Analysis is extensively used to identify mineral species as well as to understand their fundamental characteristics and properties such as microstructure, grain size, morphology, bondings, defects, etc.

Poultry Feeds Testing

Choosing our well-equipped material testing lab in Chennai for poultry feed testing services enables food, agriculture, and poultry industries to deliver quality products to consumers.

Performing poultry feeds tests on poultry feeds and other associated products can help spot potential quality problems.

At the starting point of the poultry lifecycle, poultry feed testing is important because, our material testing laboratory can help identify contaminants, disease, and improper levels of moisture or nutrients present in the poultry feed- that could compromise the quality of the final product output.

Wall Thickness

Wall thickness is a non-destructive measurement process that gauges the wall thickness of various products using advanced measuring devices without causing any severe damage to the respective product.

The thickness measurement metrics offered by our material testing lab Chennai are crucial for several large-scale industrial clients to monitor corrosion, erosion, and damage in their systems.

Leakage Testing

Leakage testing is one of the prominent types of non-destructive testing methods – performed by our material testing labs in India to identify potential flaws in product designs at an initial stage and to spot fragile component structures.

Leakage testing processes are extensively utilized by our material testing lab in Chennai in pressurized or evacuated systems, to detect plus locate leaks in the components as well as for accurate measurement of fluid leakage.

Leakage testing is also used to determine if a product or a system operates in accordance with the standards and within the expected leakage limit.

Breakpoint Analysis

In order to develop and design products with a sustainable life-cycle, attention to several crucial mechanical parameters such as breakpoint is necessary. Our well-equipped material testing lab offers in-depth breakpoint analysis that improves the final quality of the product.

For instance, identifying the fatigue accumulation breakpoint can improve the overall product lifecycle. Fatigue accumulation breakpoint is the point at which the combination of duty cycle and amplitude of load start to cause accumulation of fatigue in each cycle as well as there is inadequate time to recover.

Sea Food Packaging Material Testing

The role of our material testing laboratories is to ensure that the material used for seafood packaging not only protects the product from external/ environmental influence but also preserves crucial sensory qualities such as appearance, taste, smell, and consistency.

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