What are the Significance of Drinking Water Testing

In order to meet the existing regulatory requirements of BIS , WHO , ICAR, EU & other regulatory bodies and also to be in  coherence with the in-place water safety procedures, drinking water testing is crucial. The whole purpose of water testing services is to analyze pollutant-free characteristics of the water and evaluate the true quality of drinking water with the help of standard drinking water testing procedures and rigorous testing at scale. 

The water industry directly affects everyone’s lives from homeowners to businesses to government organizations. Water testing services can help government organizations to test and regulate the quality of water to protect their civilian populations from potential health dangers and deadly water-borne diseases. Drinking water test is crucial for homeowners and families who are facing water quality issues and want to ensure that the water is suitable and reliable for daily consumption.  

Today major threat being industrial waste leaching into drinking water systems, all-time high pollution rate, and depletion of natural resources, keeping a regular track of drink water tests conducted at the source of water to ensure its safety for business purposes, agriculture purposes, domestic purposes, or for public municipalities and private homeowners consumption purposes.  

Importance of drink water test 

All over the world, a major proportion of the world population solely replies on the private water supply which is mostly independent water bodies such as ponds, dugouts, and wells. If a larger proportion of the population is exposed to poor quality water then it may lead to severe economic, social, and health disasters. Hence, in order to prevent such disasters beforehand, frequent drinking water testing should be conducted and the quality of drinking water must be checked at the source to eliminate the potential hazards and to avoid consumption of contaminated water.  

Water testing services with the help of testing procedures and testing facilities can offer in-depth knowledge on the existing quality of water which will help address the problem. Such examination also protects from every potential cause of water contamination and helps verify that the appropriate approach is involved by the respective treatment facilities for treating water.  

A complete Water testing services report helps in making a well-informed decision regarding the possible use of the water ranging from irrigation to livestock watering to drinking water to spraying water.  

Frequency of Drinking water testing 

You can be assured about the quality of water only if a set of standard drinking water tests are performed at least once every year irrespective of the source of water. When it comes to your home-based tap water, testing for chlorine levels of the water, pH levels of the water, and bacteria become extremely important for preventing hazards. On the other hand, it is highly recommended by experts to test well water supplies for the presence of bacteria, pesticides, pharmacologically active substances and standard chemical sets. 

If you find that the water you use has changed – the water has turned cloudy, or there is some sort of strong odor in the water, then you should immediately schedule a drink water test which is conducted by the Water testing services. 

SMSLA global tenders a diverse range of services which consists of testing services, inspection services, training services, advisory services, and also seafood packaging material testing services as well as it also conducts environmental analysis, carries our social compliance initiatives, research and development, method development, nutritional profile, and shelf-life studies with the help of the incredible infrastructure and highly equipped facilities. 

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