Material testing is important for all industries as it ensures the quality and safety of the end product.  Usually it is done at the end of the manufacturing process.  It is better to test individual parts of a product rather than the whole product at  one time.  Here are a few ways by which you can determine the quality of a  material  

There are many types of material testing that can be done on products.  If your company doesn’t have the facilities for testing, you can outsource it to material testing laboratoriesHere are a few types of material testing 

  • TENSILE TESTING: Tensile testing is done to check how a material behaves when axial loads are applied to it.  This type of testing is mostly done on plastic, metal, rubber and fabric materials.  For checking the tensile strength, the material is exposed to both high and low temperatures. 

  • STRESS TESTING: Stress testing is done to determine a material’s ability to resist compressive  force applied to break it.  The time period force which the force is resisted is also  recorded.   

  • BEND TESTING: For testing the flexibility of a product, a bend test is done.  There are two  types of bend testing that can be done in a material testing lab  namely 3 point and 4 point.  In this type of testing, either the load measurement or the breaking point of a material is determined.   

  • BOND STRENGTH TESTING: Bond strength testing involves determining the amount of stress require to break the adhesive bond between two materials.  This type of test is mostly done on orthodontics and medical adhesives.   

Here are some other useful tips that you can take to determine the quality of a material.   


Material testing is also known as inbound or receiving  inspect here are some steps that can be followed before the actual inspection.   

The receiving department in your organization will already have its own processes in place  which might include verifying and recording the quantity of material received, checking the order purchase number and verifying whether the order is complete 


It is always a good idea to take photos and videos of the material after you receive it.  There are many workflow management tools  that enable you to tag the photos you take for easy storage in inspection forms.   


This is a critical step that needs to be taken.  Check the specifications of the project to confirm whether the material you received from material testing labs in India meets the required specifications.  Any part or component whether liquid or metal that does not meet the standards should never pass inspection 

Once you know the specifications of the project, you can confirm whether the materials meet the contract requirements and purchase order 

There are other different types of testing that can be done in a material testing lab   like shear test, peel test, tear strength testing, creep resistance and elastic limit testing.   

SMSLA Global is an accredited material testing laboratory.  Our material testing services include food packaging material testing for seafood and other sectors.  We have our laboratories are in Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Cochin, Mumbai, Hyderabad,  Chennai, Coimbatore, and  Visakhapatnam.   

A water testing laboratory should have skilled expertise proper government accreditation and the most advanced set of instruments.  Why is it important to choose a good drinking water testing lab is the laboratory you choose should be reliable,  accurate with nationally and internationally validated methods choosing an ordinary lab will be only waste your time and money?  If you are still unsure about what to look for in a water testing lab, here are a few pointers to look for when choosing a lab

1. Is the lab certified? 

When choosing a lab for a drink water test, make sure it is accredited by   National Accreditation Board For Testing and Calibration(NABL).  You can know if it is certified by visiting the website of the drinking water testing lab, speaking with the lab on the phone, visiting the premises of the lab, or going through online reviews.  

2. Do they provide testing services that match your need?

A water testing lab should test for the parameters you are looking for.  If you want to test the water for a certain pollutant, then ask the lab if they test for it.  If they do it, then you can decide if you want to utilize their services.  If not, then it is better that you continue your search for another lab that offers water testing services that you are looking for.

Due to size constraints, some labs may decide not to provide all water testing services.  Testing for some parameters may require large expensive machines and specialized staff that a lab might not have so choosing a lab that provides testing services that you need will save you a considerable amount of time since you will then not need to visit multiple labs.  

All the required parameters need to be there in the laboratory accredited scope

3. Do they provide any additional services? 

While selecting a testing lab, it is important to consider whether they provide any additional services that would make your sampling job easier.  Do they pick up samples and do the testing for you? Or do they provide sample bottles and equipment? How is their customer service? Do they do on-time pick for samples? What is their turnaround time? 

You will get to know this all after working with them for some time.  Knowing how they run their business will give you a fair bit of an idea of whether you want to utilize their services again for drinking water testing.

4. Location of the lab

The location of the testing lab is another important factor to consider when choosing a testing lab.  You don’t want a lab that is hard to reach as it will increase the turnaround time.  Unless your lab is in a remote location, there are high chances that you might find many labs closer to your company if you search on google.  

5. Quality of testing equipment

While finding a lab, make sure it has the latest and updated testing equipment.  You do not want a lab that uses outdated and old equipment

SMSLA Labs is an ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS accredited company with provides water testing services like construction water testing, groundwater testing, wastewater testing, pool water testing, surface water testing, industrial water testing, water from purifiers testing, and irrigation water testing.  

To test your products, we use the latest modern and high-tech instruments.  Our Collection centers are located in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and Chennai.

Water testing services seem significant in figuring out the quality of water as life is directly & completely dependent on it. The necessity of a drinking water test multiplies when the particular source of water is directed towards using it for drinking purposes. The quality checks done under drinking water testing state the hazard carried by water and can potentially harm health in any aspect. Used for many activities, in varied forms, a slight change in the composition of water can make it hazardous for health, thus making water testing services crucial. 

According to statistical data of 2019, around 387 districts in India were contaminated by Nitated and it was also found that India ranked 120 out of 122 in terms of water quality. Hence, to ensure the quality of water used, Water testing services become inevitable. 

Water quality is being evaluated under different purposes and different guidelines such as construction water, drinking water, groundwater, industrial water, irrigation water, packaged drinking water, surface water, swimming pool water, etc. Out of this drinking water quality is of the highest significance. 

Water carries a lot of things with it, some benefitting whereas some highly hazardous for health. While relocating to a new place, or probably to ensure the quality of drinking water supplied at the place you live; drinking water testing becomes the only assurance to evaluate the drinking water microbiologically and chemically. 

There can be various micro organisms that find their way into the water. Some Elements like fluorides arsenic that appear in water can contaminate it extensively. To eliminate the complete problem and finding a feasible solution, fetching professional help for drinking water testing sounds vital. 

Professional laboratories like SMSLA.Global, with years of experience and industry knowledge in the field, make the process of water testing accurate and reliable. As a perfect quality check partner, SMSLA.Global thrives to solve the challenges faced and provide a smart quality solution. With top-notch technical assistance, SMSLA.Global aims to provide the best technical solution and quality check. 

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